This is frustrating!

I have recently moved to WordPress. Before getting here, I was using blogger and was quite happy with it. WordPress was then unheard of and blogger ruled as far as I was concerned. Blogger too had a few templates that did well for me and features like links, etc were required to be manually added by editing the html code. Blogger gave me the freedom to manipulate my template and tweak it as I fancied. Then I was introduced to WordPress and I instantly fell for this site. More than anything, I could import all my posts and comments from blogger to here. Its so much more powerful than what I was using previously and there is so much that you can do with a huge list of templates. I tried on some fancy green template, customized it, got some comments on my pages and enjoyed my 15 seconds of fame. Then, I got bored of the template and changed it and was awed by the features of this new look. That’s when I got to know that there this big glitch and drawback that WordPress throws on its users. The problem is that not all templates display pages and widgets. Resulting in my content which was seen earlier, not showing up in the new template. What the heck, I can live with it – only for 2 days, now I want my content back.

Today, I’ve been sitting for almost 3 hours, trying each and every template with every possible combination to see which one can give me the maximum-ok, forget that-the best features and I am disappointed. Infact, after so much of experimenting, I am irritated. There is not a single template that looks ‘my type’ and gives me the flexibility to comment on pages, view archives, get a contact form and some text widgets! This is frustrating! Finally, I’ve compromised with this template (Green Marinée), my original choice. I liked Blix but I cannot view some comments in that layout. I might just keep changing and shuffling between the 2/3 templates that I’ve narrowed down hoping to settle with one and decide which feature I want to see and when.

2 thoughts on “This is frustrating!

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  • You have narrated every WP user’s story 🙂

    We all struggle with right theme. Initially it looks ok but within 1-2 days you start getting bored! Finding a right theme is a problem we all have to live with till we learn how to make a good theme on our own 🙂

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