Make-over time!

Blog Make OverEveryone is getting a make over these days. Right from homes to offices to websites to people including moi 🙂

Thought I’d use some basic designinging skills and change the look of my blogger account a bit. This is what I have at present. I took one of those basic, green, mosaic style templates and started working on it. So far I’ve managed to change the background to a yellow gradient, the green header to this pink flowery one and the bottom bar to something that would go with the rest of the page. Small changes like the right panel heading images and the post images besides the font color and mouse-over effect can be seen. I’m still working on it as and when I can steal a few moments.

It’s simple and yet customized. I’ll continue with it and update this space soon.

2 thoughts on “Make-over time!

  • Yeah, still need to tweek the blogger a/c a bit. I find wordpress much more powerful with a lot of options. Yes, had they allowed more customization of templates, that would’ve been fun.

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