Football Shootball, Hai Rabba!

Football mania has taken over this world and very rightfully so. The World Cup is on and is definitely prviding great entertainment to all fans around (yours truly included). I wonder who will take home the cup.

We (India) didn’t qualify, someday we would. Someday, people like me won’t give up on the game. Oh ya but that’s my story….

I was a very weak and feeble kid in school. I never took part in any sports or athletic events. If asked to run a class race, I would stand last or second last. I enjoyed watching sports and the only sport that I ever excelled in was hop-scotch! That’s how good I was. Probably it was my laziness or maybe I was never cut out for sports.

But we all have our moments of truth….moments of realization. Moments when we feel that we are dillusioned by our failures and lack of performance. Ok, hold it, I am referring to my set back in sports. This feeling grew so strong that one day, I decided to give a shot at football. I gathered a team of huge, dull, non-interested- in- sports people (girls, I am from a convent school) and pepped them up to play football. The lazy bum that I was, I refused to run across the field chasing the ball and decided to become the goal keeper. Afterall, what does a goal keeper do? Stand in a highly glorified piece on the field, look at all the players runing around and he/she only stops the ball from entering the goal post. Easy! Piece of cake!

So, here it was- Whistle and the game started. Less that 10 seconds in the game, some crazy girl kicked the ball towards me. Time to prove myself, my moment of truth. I saw the ball coming towards me and leapt to catch it. Isn’t that what I was supposed to do? The ball came in so fast, I mis judged it and it ended up bouncing against my stomach! OUCH! That hurt! No, I couldn’t move, I was floored. Some girls helped me up and I was declared ‘Out Injured’. Thus ended by glorious career in football.

Perhaps, it was true. I was never meant for sports. I should stick around with something a little less dangerous…which provide less chances of running into huge and heafty people chasing objects around the field. But as I watch the World Cup, I can only think and imagine the kind of committment, passion and love people have for football or for that matter any other sport. Hats off to them! As they say -Joga Bonito!

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