Is this me?

Me?It’s almost time now for the normal world to blow off their candles and say their good nights. But I am awake – I don’t think I know why. Thinking thoughts mindlessly, not knowing what answers I am looking for.

Some lousy music is playing in my playlist and it is the only sound I hear, and wonder what I am here for. Is this me? Or am I someone else? May be something else? Who am I? What the hell am I doing here?

I often feel that I am trapped in this earthly form of a body. This is not me. Ofcourse, this cannot be me! I am not like this. I am somebody else. I am a free soul. I cannot be trapped in these chains of life and daily living. I breathe free. I walk free. I fly free.

May be all this is make believe. May be I am an actor who has been given this role to play. I don’t like my character but its something that I have to do. Soon the play will be over, lights out and pack-up! Soon, I will be a different person, a different me, the true me.

Someday, I would eventually know who I am and then I can blog about me too, the true me.

2 thoughts on “Is this me?

  • if u think its a play then do your part…. but do in a better way

    i think life is once and enjoy as much as you can rather then wasting time in thinking….

    when u open ur eyes you think materialistic…

    God’s gift is in Abundance…
    look at the trees the greenery, the hills the mountains the sea the waves… the sunrise the sunset… the cool breeze the sweet fruits the springs the clouds.. the .. the…

    i think i need 2 -3 million more life to explore God’s gifts….

    All this for me? absoluty free?

    i wish i had more then one life…

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