CPC – Our newest recruit

We have a new recruit in office. We call him C.P.C. For people well versed with digital media and the way it works, C.P.C stands for Cost Per Click. It also stands for Cute Pussy Cat. Yes, C.P.C is a cat.

C.P.C. is the coolest cat ever. He comes to our desks and sits with us. On days, he even stares at our monitors and supervises our work. His favourite activity is to rub himself against our jeans and get pampered by all. So much so that a few days back, he ran all the way from the garden area to the gate to greet me and get his daily dose of love and affection.

This feline takes lunch time very seriously. As soon as anyone is out in the garden area with his or lunch box open, C.P.C. makes the cutest face that it gets impossible to not feed him. These days he’s been practicing high jumps. He doesn’t hesitate to jump up to anything wielded at him.

Here’s him: http://twitter.com/#!/Doveye/status/133857445234745344/photo/1 Hehe. Some idiot tied a leash on him. Cats are free souls!

Update: Feb 04 C.P.C. is no more. He got ran over a car on the 1st of this month. Very tragic. Will miss you dearly, my friend. Rest in peace. Thank you 🙁

1 thought on “CPC – Our newest recruit

  • Hey Just stumbled by chance on your website.

    was searching for some one with a similar name on Big G [Google]..

    haww sorry to hear about C.P.C


    As far as Ur website is concerned, I just bookmarked it.

    I am an Internet Marketer by profession.

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