My diet plan

This is the diet plan that I got from the dietitian. I DON’T FOLLOW IT!

08am: A glass of warm water with a dash of lime and some honey. People swear by this mixture when it comes to losing weight. Not only will this wash away all the toxins, it will give you good bowel movement.

09am: A glass or milk/chai + biscuits/upma/poha/idli

11am: Some fruit – you can have a combo of fruits. Fruits will give u fat free energy.

01pm: Lunch of 2/3 chapatis, vegetables + salads + dal/ rice/curds

03pm: Some fruit

05pm: Chai/milk + biscuits/upma/poha/dosa/idli/bhel

07pm: Soup

09pm: Dinner of 2/3 chapatis, vegetables + salads + dal/rice/curds

Drink abt 10-12 glasses of Water. Eat in small proportions but eat often. This will ensure good digestion without any acidity. No aerated drinks like coke, pepsi, etc. Avoid fried stuff, once in a way its fine. DO NOT SKIP MEALS. Also, avoid drinks- they’ll make u put on weight.

Walk everyday for about 20mins – to start with. This will build up stamina. Do not slouch n sit, bad for your back. Smile and be happy 🙂

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