My 1st poem

I was rummaging through some memoirs and found my tattered scrapbook. It was my most prized possession when I was in school. I collected silly poems, weird songs, stupid jokes, lousy drawings, useless trivia, newspaper cuttings, letters, cards, stickers and autographs which are all a farce now, in that 200 page book. I was flipping through the pages and read the 1st poem/rhyme that I ever wrote. I was in std 6 (seems like another lifetime). My class teacher liked it and pinned it on the soft board. I called it ‘My Guardian Angel‘. It’s too crappy but it seemed like quite an achievement way back then.

My guardian angel fair and bright
looks upon me each day and night
I think she’s come from Angel-land
with a nice magic wand in her hand.

She’s so pretty and so nice
She tells me what is wrong and what is right
I talk to her everyday
for she conveys to me the message that God has to say.

Oh guardian angel
Oh friend of mine
lead me to the path
that is right.

Pile-o’-poop! I was so bloody innocent then!

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