Team India returns to a grand welcome

It was a historic moment, unlike anything that this city has known. Our 20-20 heroes touched base in Mumbai, this morning, to receive a hero’s welcome. They travelled atop an open air bus, for their own ‘Vijay Yatra’ (victory parade), from the International Airport to Wankhede stadium. Mumbai was flooded with people, singing, cheering, bursting crackers, waving the national flag, showering flowers and following their bus in spite of heavy rains. The cricketers seemed to be enjoying this moment too and did not show any signs of fatigue, considering they were still jet lagged and they spent more than 5 hours on the bus. It was almost like everything had come to a standstill.
Quite a euphoric welcome 🙂

My friend Gautam was there at Marine Drive to witness this event. He was standing at a particular spot for almost 2 hours. When the bus came, was thrown away from Marine Drive right up to Wankhede stadium within a few seconds. He says that it was almost like a storm and millions of people came gushing into him. It seems more than 15 lac people were on the roads today to experience this once in a life time procession. Here are some of the pictures that Gautam clicked. Thanx, buddy!

The victorious team
The flood of people at Marine Drive

And here’s the video that he shot.


Gautam, you lucky guy!

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