Sweet, angry and irritated dreams

Everyone gets angry, everyone gets irritated. So how do they react when faced with such a situation?

Atma – I laugh

Megha – I think about the situation

Mohit – I keep absolutely quiet

Pooja – I talk to you, Shibani

Praful – I dance

Rolly – I work or watch a movie

Sachi – I yell or go to sleep

Tuhin – I listen to music or write

Me – I listen to rock music – nice and loud

So, I am in an irritated mood today. I get back home to sit on the computer and play my list of loud and noisy rock songs. I’ve already heard some Metallica and now listening to ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Marilyn Manson (video below)

The entire day’s silence is killing me and I just want to stand up and shout. I want to shake up people and wish that something could bring them to life. I can’t do it so will allow Mr MM, above to do some screaming for me while I shuffle my list on winamp.

Grr…feels like I am far away from living and am just existing.

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