Is something wrong

I have been using the hutch prepaid card for 4 years. I like their service and the deals. But oflate, I feel the hutch service needs improvement.

Last week I got my Hutch prepaid card refilled. I paid the dealer the amount and he processed the refill. As expected, i get an sms from hutch saying tht the amount of refill has been credited. But this was not the amount that i paid for. They sent me a wrong sms with the wrong refill amount.

This means that if i got a refill for 1000 then the sms showed me only 500 credited to my account. Something terribly wrong with their systems. I spoke to my dealer and he denied of any glitch on his part. i called up customer support and they were unaware of this too. According to them too, all was ok.

A little later, i checked my refill balance and it was correctly done but the wrong sms that I got from them got me worried.

Also, a few days back, I got smses from customer support saying ’thank u for talking to customer support’, whereas infact, I hadn’t called them.

Is something wrong with the hutch outgoing smses?

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