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February 7, 2006

MeLong, long ago, in the year 19Xx, when the world was waiting to be liberated from its daily thoughts and after-thoughts, a little brat was born and that was me. I lived my earlier days as a quiet and docile angel, occasionally threatening every little and ‘little-looking’ kid that I would beat them up, but that was only till I was 5yrs old! Life then taught me that if you are skinny and weak, you should not mess around with the big, mean kids else there are chances or returning home with a bruised face.

I was enrolled in the best convent school in my area where I spent 11 wonderful years of my life (kindergarten plus 10 yrs minus the exams and studying). I excelled in academics but was never a sportsperson. The only game I ever played well was hop-scotch! I opted for a Bachelor of Commerce in college and graduated with flying colors and was certified as a semi-nerd; that only encouraged me to get a Masters in the same stream.

After college, I pursued my love and adoration for computers that I had developed through school and college, and took up various computer courses and studied to be a web programmer. Twist of fate and interest, I took up graphics and web designing and have made a career out of it. I work on logos, brochures, websites, cards, newspaper and magazine ads, e-mailers and newsletters, translites, hoardings, standees, backdrops, layout conversion, business cards, letterheads, bag designs, landing pages and other stationery material, story boards, etc.

I have always been a simple person who lives a simple life and likes simple things. A born libran, I think the worst thing I could be asked is to make decisions. They are so confusing. People who know me think of me as caring, friendly, helpful, intelligent, sweet and witty- they could be wrong, I don’t take responsibility for their thoughts.

My past-times include listening to the sound of the sea, enjoying good food, getting nostaligic with music, dreaming, surfing the net and blogging, nowadays, and of course drooling over Aamir Khan.


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