It’s easier to be funny when you’re feeling down. It’s necessary to keep your spirits high because if you think, it’ll make your head spin around. They laugh at themselves because they are too tired of crying about their lives #StandUpComic — Shibani (@Doveye) December 10, 2015


Pawns. Extras. Soldiers. Mercenaries. Pawns. Fearless souls who stand in the front line ready to be sacrificed. Selfless people whose sole purpose is to fight and die. Fight a war they didn’t want. Die for those who wouldn’t care. Dead or alive. Pawns. 16 on a chess board. Brave, both black and white alike. Restricted[…]

Birthdays and Blessings

When your closest friends are writers 🙂 Dearest Shibz….I wish you a day filled with pink unicorns running across the horizon leaving trails of glitter and magic. I wish you love, joy, peace and sensible south-indian films (with no horses or Chiranjeevi swerving under gas tankers). I wish you an unexpected but very pleasant encounter[…]