Extras. Soldiers. Mercenaries.

Fearless souls who stand in the front line ready to be sacrificed. Selfless people whose sole purpose is to fight and die. Fight a war they didn’t want. Die for those who wouldn’t care. Dead or alive.

16 on a chess board. Brave, both black and white alike. Restricted and tied and yet sent out every time.

Protecting with their weak strength. Mercenary men.

Sitting in the same box when the game ends. Prince or a Pauper, the final box is just the same.


Us all… but pawns.


1 thought on “Pawns

  • There’s no stampede, they move on
    Different directions, one purpose
    Where someone’s loss is anothers gain

    Yes, these are stones on the chessboard
    Highlighting shields, criss crossing valour
    And then there’s Pawn
    Clear cut, one dimensional
    That’s where it ought to be
    Even then it’s battle hardened
    And makes the majority
    It sure has its place
    No one’s a failure they say,
    A couple did kill the mighty king once
    When the queen was astray
    That’s the pawn by the book, by the rule
    A sacrificial lamb, yet leveraging on making a killing.

    Pawn by the book
    Never said ‘Die’.

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