Shame shame

Celebrate Bandra 2009 kicked off on Saturday 15th November. It’s an all-over Bandra event that covers various spheres such as Art, Dance, Food, Music, Photography, Theatre and some very good social awareness causes. It’s a 2 week long festival that gets this part of the city buzzing with activity.

I was looking outside my window on Sunday, waiting to go for the rock show performances later that evening. Suddenly, a car stopped on the road opposite my house (MH-04-AC-XXX). A lady got out of the passenger seat and went to the back seat to pull out a foul smelling package containing stale food, and she dumped it on the road. The road has clear hoardings talking about keeping it clean. The lady seemed decently educated but she didn’t think one bit before using the stretch of road as her dumping ground. Idiots, I thought.

Later, when I went to Carter Road for the show, I saw that very same lady there. The theme of Celebrate Bandra this year is Go Green but somehow trashing the road doesn’t seem to appeal to the civic sense of some people around. Shame, shame! I pity the organizers who have taken pains to improve this part of Mumbai that is still being abused by a bunch of educated fools.

2 thoughts on “Shame shame

  • No, the meets and these functions are a blessing. The event management company has done a fabulous job. Sadly, educated people still don’t get the message. This post is for those idiots..the selfish and uncivilized people of this city.

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