Sarkar Raj – a day at the cinema hall

I saw Sarkar Raj yesterday. I think it was a superb movie and Mr Bacchan’s performance was awesome. I was very distracted during the movie coz:

  1. The movie started before the scheduled time. The janta was still trying to find their way in the dark, and were making a lot of noise. Add to this the stamping of feet and getting squashed by people trying to get to their seats.
  2. Some coochie-coo-ing couple kept on arguing with another coochie-coo-ing couple.
  3. I sat next to a lady with a 2yr old kid and the kid went ‘OWAAAAAAAAH’ in my ear. I heard more baby-talk than the dialogues.
  4. I don’t think it makes sense scolding 2yr old kids and that too at stereophonic sound.
  5. My coffee was way too strong and the popcorn was soggy.
  6. I had fever and was feeling cold.

But still, it was a nice movie..whatever I saw and understood of it. I think Big B should get an award and he proved once again why he’s the best!

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