..and those 6 hours

After so many months of debating whether I should get my hair straightened, I put all those queries and doubts to rest today by eventually getting them done.

Like last time, I had Ameesh do the magic. Though, unlike last time, I had to go to his place where his wife helped him through my tresses. But, unlike last time, he charged me more than TWICE the amount he did. (There’s a huge hole in my pocket and I was shocked listening to his quote!)

My entire clan gets their hair done from him. My appointment was scheduled in November but with my fickle mind, I canceled it. I had second thoughts and instead took a wrong decision of streaking them from Prerna. I really regret this because I am not happy with what she’s done 🙁 Finally, fed up of having from bad to worse hair days, and some kind advice from well-wishers, I called Ameesh. Since I work on some Saturdays too, the only day that I could give myself a few hours of pampering is Sunday.

Ameesh’s technique is not re-bonding, its Extensio or simply hair straightening. Its a tad bit of a lengthy process, 6 hours to be precise. Patiently I sat while he and his spouse ironed, lathered and washed my hair with pungent creams and shampoos…and the deed was done 🙂

Now the real hardwork starts, taking care so that the exorbitant fee spent seems justified. But for now, I have some respite from bad hair days..for a while 🙂

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