10 thoughts on “10 foods/dishes/preparations I despise

  • Man … that was an interesting read … at last I know the secrets of you staying quite unlike me 🙂

    anyway … something that again caught my attention was “Halwa” 🙂 .. yeah … Rubber can surely be used in more creative ways … like …. .. hhmmmm…..

    still giggling 🙂


  • You might like cucumber (just like that or with a pinch of salt), try tofu if not paneer, you can live on papad (sindhi !),
    buttermilk if not dahi and coconut water are good, if its halwa it ought to be moong dal halwa piping hot, a well cooked gujarati undhya has everything that you dont like but dont realise you are eating it….. u missed out pumpkin 🙂

  • Not fond of papad-i’m the fallen sindhi :p nor do I like buttermilk..but i relish gujju food. Pumpkin doesn’t even feature as a vegetable…its something from the Cinderella fairy tale :p

  • Veggies and Vegans are different … Vegans don’t even touch milk products also !!!

    btw getting down to ground reality … there needs to be someone to finish all those animals produced in extra naa … I’ll take up that role … 😉

    Enjoy eating anything that does not jump and bite back – especially if it was organic, with red blood and found moving around sometime back … 🙂


    maybe you can dream of converting down for a day or two .. what say ?


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