Some interrupted thoughts

I am a by-product of the 1970s. I have been around for more than a quarter century. Don’t expect me to reveal my correct age because I am a girl. It’s against the law of nature for me to talk about it, my brain is not programmed to do so. Also, good manners prevent you from probing me on that subject any further. Matter closed!

But what is age? Only a number, right? And numbers vary. It depends on each of us to be as young or as old as we want to. It’s all in the mind and minds and mindsets can change. Isn’t that what we all have read and accepted? As we age, we adapt to new things and newer ways of thinking. We evolve, we grow and we outgrow. Change is inevitable. It’s natural. Today will eventually become a yesterday, tomorrow. We all know that. Novel methods and procedures replace the existing and by then old ones. This is life.

And life goes on. From Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday to…Sunday and then back to Monday and so on, and one bright day, you wake up to happy realization. Alas! The whole world has changed from what it was yesterday. Now, aging or maturing, as I prefer calling it, also demands that you keep abreast of the latest happenings. Partially because no one likes people to comment that you are getting old and don’t know anything. Who likes that dose of bitter tasting, foul smelling medicine with a tinge of sarcasm, taunt and antiquity rubbed in?

We think, no, not me. But I have lived all my life in a box. It has four sides. My world is confined in these walls. I do the same things that I did yesterday and that I shall do tomorrow. There is no question of wavering from this schedule. I shall be the way I am now and shall leave this world in this very state. A state of complacence. Perhaps, I’m too lazy. Or maybe scared. Worst of all, I’m so used to this monotony, I cannot think beyond it. The consequences? I miss out on something, the very reason I am here – LIFE. It’s not enough just to exist. Even stones exist. It’s imperative that I live, that we all live.

Open those doors, take a breath of fresh air. Felt good? Now open your heart, share those thoughts with someone. Make someone feel good. Crack a joke, smile at people (not those lechers), help someone. Start living. Let the anger and hatred be washed out. Get rid of that venom that is running through your veins. Infuse fresh love that will enrich your heart and mind. Renounce those old dogmas. No one needs those false convictions. Only then will your soul be youthful, forever. Only then would each day be different from the other and would be worth the effort. Go ahead, do those things that you thought you couldn’t cause you thought you were too old or because they are not ‘normal’. In short, chillax, people. Go get it before it slips away. The saddest part of it all is going away, regretting and wishing that you had done something, said something while you could. Don’t let that happen.

Like I said, I’m a 70s flower child. Possibly going through mid-life crisis. Excuse my random and quite demented thoughts. Get back to what you were doing.


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