12 thoughts on “Maula mere maula – Anwar

  • Good lyrics and a sung by Roop Kumar Rathod! Must here it somewhere 🙂

    I am a member of unofficial RKR fan club. 🙂 He is a fantastic singer! I wonder why he hasn’t made mark in bollywood. He is capable of achieving much much more than what he has achieved. Have you ever heard him live? He is too good.

    He has now also become an RJ. His program comes on 91.1 FM at 9 pm

    By the way, just some more personal info about him.

    He is my uncle’s (mama) very close friend. He earlier used to be a tabla player and took up singing at my uncle’s behest. He first sang in my other uncle’s pre-marriage party and for the first time sang Gujarati ghazals at my place in a small non-publicised function. After that he even did a stage show of Gujarati ghazals, but that didn’t meet with expected success.

    Vinod Rathod (also a playback singer) is his younger brother and Shravan (Nadeem-Shravan) is his elder brother. 🙂

  • Hey What an unreal song. But can someone help me to translate it into english so I can understand the full meaning of the song. Thanks guys. I would really appreciate it.

  • hi! i loveee this song but i cant seem to get the right version. All the ones on limewire i download have the words like faded out and you can barely hear them.. quite frustrating.. could you tell me where i could find it please? thanks!

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