..the devil & the deep blue sea

My mind is (con)fused! Making up my mind has always been a tough task. I find it just too difficult to decide between things. Its almost like a case of choosing between ‘the devil or the deep blue sea’. Either ways is just as good or just as bad. What does one do in such a situation!

I think the main problem is having too many options. Yeah, ofcourse, that makes sense. Lesser the number or options or perhaps no options and no confusion in deciding. You have only one choice and one vote.

Perhaps its the ‘libran curse’ to be unable to decide. Whatever it is, I need to break-free of it and come up with a possible solution that would then show me how to face the devil and reach some safe shore from the deep blue sea.


10 thoughts on “..the devil & the deep blue sea

  • everyone has this problem but librans plays the role it in a better way 😀
    solution – find a devil in a deep blue sea 🙂

  • Solution to you problem:
    Just listen to one person who knows best (or at least who thinks he knows best) and shut everyone up. There you have a fine decision 🙂

  • Actually I too think a lot when I have choices i.e. very important thing and then I end up doing what I feel like. So I am sure – even if 100 people tell you to choose one, you will end up choosing what you want!!

    Best way, think over it couple of time and leave it…choose once thing and forget it…

  • I don’t blame you, Deep – its the libran effect. I normally weigh down the pros n cons n as u sed, 4get about it so tht i dnt stress n then announce/take action. This time, taking a decision was difficult tho.

  • ‘What do you care’ – thanx! Its good to get confused in such a situation – u can reason out and may be convince ‘the trusted one’ 😉

  • Hey Auslander,

    Its a simple and decent fone – though convincing me 2 get that wasnt the simplest things 🙂 Well, you know me….

  • my solution in such a situation is .. listen to your heart … i always do tht 🙂 .. no matter how tough or easy is the decision making .. i fist think about it .. good if my mind and heart says the same thing , but wht both goes in different ways , thn i choose the one which my heart says , cause tht will only give me satisfaction after making my decision , weather its tough or easy ….. 🙂

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